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We bring business leaders and mid-level managers together with Expert EOS Implementers™ to help them create healthier, and more accountable, high-performing teams.


If you’re like most bosses, you were promoted based on your technical skills, not on your ability to lead and manage people. We get it. And without the proper training, many bosses start to feel frustrated, overworked, and underappreciated.

While being a great boss should be simple, it’s rarely easy. But it can be easier. With the right tools in your toolbox and the right approach, you can get more done and create the accountable, people-centric environment that people really thrive in.

Hosted by Expert EOS Implementers™, the Great Boss Workshop will teach you 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you become a better leader. Plus, you’ll learn tools that improve your communication skills, help create clearer expectations, and prepare you to manage common team issues.

  • Engage in high-energy breakout sessions
  • Take a deep dive into the Great Boss Toolkit
  • Learn The 5 Leadership Practices™ and The 5 Management Practices™
  • Learn how to have effective Quarterly Conversations
  • Get the tools to let go of things you shouldn’t be doing
  • Learn how to build strong relationships with your direct reports


Looking to align your entire management team on what it takes to effectively lead, manage, and hold people accountable? Great Boss! Workshops can be held privately, for one company, allowing everyone on your leadership and management team to come out better, stronger, and armed with tools to help them truly step into leading and managing without the frustrations.

This one-day workshop, led by an Expert EOS Implementer®, will take your team through the proven tools and techniques that have helped hundreds of bosses make the leap from being frustrated to being effective.

Want more information or to schedule a workshop? Click BOOK NOW and complete the form. One of our Client Advisors will be in touch to help book your workshop with one of the Expert EOS Implementers in your area and/or answer any questions you may have.


Take the first step toward elevating your leadership and becoming the boss that your team needs by registering for
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In this 20+ page toolkit, you’ll get the
tools you need to lead, manage, and
create accountability on your team:

  • Evaluate how well people fit your company
  • Determine whether everyone is in the
    right seat
  • Identify tasks and responsibilities to
  • Assess your ability to lead and manage
  • Uncover areas where you can improve
  • Communicate clear expectations to your team
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Who should attend Great Boss Workshops?

Great Boss Workshops are designed to train anyone who is leading a team or managing people in improving their ability to LMA. 

Is there an option to train an entire company’s leadership and management team?

There is! To request a Great Boss Workshop for your entire leadership and management team, you can submit your request here

What can I do if I want to attend a workshop but there isn’t an upcoming event listed?

If you’re looking to attend an event, but there isn’t one listed, contact our team about what scheduling options are available.

How do Great Boss Workshops work?

Great Boss Workshops are run and hosted either in-person or virtually by Expert EOS Implementers. These workshops are designed to help you elevate your role as a leader and teach you to tap into the potential of your team.

How can I learn more about whether attending a Great Boss Workshop is right for me?

To learn more about Great Boss Workshops and the kinds of disciplines taught in these events, you can check out How to Be a Great Boss by Gino Wickman and René Boer or download the free How to Be a Great Boss Toolkit.

How can I learn more about working with an EOS Implementer®?

You can get matched with an EOS Implementer and schedule a free 90 Minute Meeting by booking an intro call with our Match Specialists here.