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As the owner of a marketing firm, I hear the question all too often: “My brand benefits are clearly defined on my website and throughout my marketing materials. Why aren’t they moving the sales needle with our audience?”

I get it. It’s frustrating. As a company Running on EOS™ ourselves, we understand all the work that goes into defining your target market, determining your 3 Uniques™, and crafting an attention-getting guarantee.

But here’s the deal (and the big “aha moment,” at least from my perspective): Creating messaging that clearly conveys your brand benefits is one thing. But taking that information and turning it into a brand story that positively inspires, impacts, and engages with your prospects and customers is quite another.

The good news? At Spoke, we’ve discovered that the insights we’ve worked so hard to develop, gather, and organize through our EOS journey can lay a solid groundwork for the brand stories we like to tell about Spoke – and about our clients too.

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