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The Business H.E.L.M. Framework is the result of building 91 startups across 16 industries with 5 IPOs, and our 25 years of working with MNCs, SMEs, and governments.


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Dato James Foo is one of the smartest and humblest entrepreneur & business mentor I’ve ever met.

In most encounters he can be seen as someone who is very quiet, not trying to stand out in any way, and later I’ve come to find out that he just enjoys being in the observation mode.

He’s a visionary thinker who doesn’t lack integration skills. His ability to think strategically and identify opportunities for growth is something that has been guiding my entrepreneurial on the right growth track and not crashing into invisible wall.

If you have a chance to get Dato James’ consulting, coaching or mentoring, don’t think twice!

Jackson Yew
Marketing + AI | Strategist Behind Big Launches

Maverick is by far the BEST EMAIL MARKETER Trainer in Malaysia and probably the World. His copy is second to none. His coaching style is engaging, high informative, hands-on, quirky, fun and truly never a dull moment.

I highly and Strongly recommend Maverick for your company’s needs. He’s truly the best and worth every single cent of investment.

His experience and knowledge are truly in-depth and his style is no-nonsense and proven to work.

Maverick loves to share and help and he’s truly a great educator.

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh
Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Educational Revolutionist & Social Activist

Can I call James the Entrepreneur Whisperer?

Not only he’s been there done that, he has the ability to get into your head and know what is the real challenge you are facing as an entrepreneur, and that’s his super power.

Not only he can provide strategic guidance, he has a great team behind him that can also help entrepreneurs in their tactical execution, and that sets his team apart.

But above all that, Dato James is a true gentleman, a rare species these days, someone you can trust as a friend and happy to be around with.

Terence Teoh
CEO at Beyond Insights

I always believe that marketing is an art of human psychology, and this has been validated by observing how well Maverick master and play this piece of art via his one-to-one discovery call and masterclasses.

His marketing framework is logical, systematic, and easy to understand for beginners like us, and he has not offered values in methodology but also implementation of certain key steps to drive results, this is one of the most valuable aspects of his classes. I hope I can close my training and coaching business sales just like him one day.

Resourceful, smart, and selfless marketing strategist, who is at times can be a little humorous, a highly recommended digital marketing expert and guru that you can go to!

Vivmmie Lau
Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Coach

Prepare for a transformative experience when you collaborate with Dato James. Rarely do I encounter individuals who possess both exceptional intellect and a down-to-earth demeanor, capable of articulating their ideas comprehensively. James embodies all these qualities and more.

I wholeheartedly endorse James as a compassionate, ethical, and dynamic leader with an unparalleled grasp of his field. He strikes the perfect equilibrium between knowledge, empathy, and leadership, consistently offering his expertise. An astute and attentive listener, he maintains unwavering focus on achieving tangible outcomes, refusing to let you stray from the right path.

What truly sets James apart is his capacity to reshape your mindset. He is a candid and supportive friend, offering honesty rather than mere affirmation. You can always rely on him for unwavering support when you need it.

In summary, James is not only a formidable presence in the entrepreneurial realm but also an exceptionally kind, generous, and considerate individual.

Coco Wong
Top 100 female entrepreneurs in China | International speaker and parenting expert

I met Maverick in 2012 when he was running

He’s always full of ideas and strategies which worked. He’s coached me and my revenue increased more than 100% year-on-year.

Most importantly, he genuinely wants you to succeed.

I am so glad our paths crossed and for anyone looking to boost their sales, he is the go-to guy! This, I can guarantee!

Mun Foong Ng
Founder of WanderZoom & Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Sincerity and simplicity are what comes to mind when one interacts with James.

Our paths crossed when I was seeking a spot of advice with regards to growing my strategic marketing consulting business. As we communicated his sincerity came shining through as he generously shared from his experience. It led me to joining one of his business growth talks. That’s when I experienced the simplicity of his thinking. His strategic framework helped me in reviewing my business strategy, identifying the ‘whys’ behind the blocks I had and act on a plan that’s helped me in these past months.

If you’re heading or managing a business or are a business owner and need to have clarity on what will help your business, James would be my recommended go to person.

Joy Abdullah
Marketing & Content Strategy Consultant

I love Mav’s work. His presentation is slick, his content is always insightful and he’s funny.

I’ve known Mav for quite some time but have only recently joined his webinars (and am following his LinkedIn course) – and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve learned so much from Mav! Thanks for what you do, Mav!

Zaim Mohzani
Director of External Relations, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific

Dato’ James Foo had a session on business strategy call for me.

Although I’m on my 8th year entrepreneurship and I read a lot in business strategy, but I was mind-blowing after listening to his advice. He gave practical methods and powerful insights for my business perspective.

He asked smart questions to diagnose my business weaknesses, hence able to guide me in providing 3 main action plans that I must execute for growth acceleration.

Allycia Yuka
Co-founder of NutriBrownRice

I have met & heard of Maverick’s work during his days leading and assisting many of the emerging entrepreneurs that I know.

I kept seeing his work and good recommendations coming from many groups in the learning & development industry, but I did not check them out. It was until, recently that I decided to start attending and being engaged with Maverick’s online learning sessions, that I really find his content and his strategies to be very ‘Refreshing & Relevant’ especially in this changing world, post-pandemic.

He is also a charismatic & persuasive presenter, and truly relates real-life updated content to help his clients – Many of them are Trainers, Coaches & Speakers like myself.

I would highly recommend Maverick’s guidance and coaching for both corporates and entrepreneurs out there – Especially when you are looking at mastering the art of High Ticket Persuasion & Communication.

Well Done again Maverick! Thank You for always contributing back to the community!

Michael Teoh
Founder of Thriving Talents, Global Advisor & KOL of Microsoft



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